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I wish to publicly thank God for protecting the computer, systems and this work – God’s work – on a daily basis. There have been many attacks, not only on these systems that I use every day, but against me personally.

I made a mistake once, which I will repent of now publicly also. There was a brief period of time, after battling a number of attacks and having to replace or repair the computer systems, I wrote that I was grateful for the “award-winning” antivirus/spyware I had and that it had taken care of the problems.

The following day, the system completely crashed.

I learned from that experience not to rely upon or give credit to anything, but God, for the good He has done.

Yes, we can compliment those who deserve recognition, but it is vitally important to never neglect to give God all of the glory, honor and praise for whatever good has been provided, even as we thank others and compliment their hard work and success.

God receives all of the praise, honor and glory for the fact that I continue to work for Him on this website.

The attacks may continue, as they have recently, yet God will always win; His people will always be victorious, even in death, because we have eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ; and I will now and forever give God all of the praise, honor and glory! Amen.