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Cloud formation photographed over CERN on June 24, 2016. Witnesses reportedly saw faces within the clouds.

Screen shot: YouTube.com


The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN – Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire [French]) reportedly has technology that can break “dimensional veils.”

CERN produced stranglets with the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) in 2013. Stranglets actually create neutron stars in space. Since 2013, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been producing larger quantities of stranglets.

The power of stranglets is greater than any force known to man, way more potent than nuclear bombs, which is said to be the power that will actually break the dimensional veil between our dimension and other dimensions.

Anthony Patch, researcher, author and speaker, who has studied CERN for more than two decades, said CERN is able to “tear open dimensional veils,” crossing from our dimension to other dimensions.

Breaching dimensions is where things get spiritual, folks.

When I heard Patch say that CERN produced stranglets in “2013,” his statement immediately brought me back to the morning of November 6, 2013. Here is an excerpt from the Prophecy page for that particular day:

11/6/13:  The angel of the Lord has spoken to me on three occasions, as soon as I awakened in the morning. The same thing happened again this morning as I awoke, this being the third time. The angel of the Lord said to me, “Tenéis tinieblas,” meaning, “You (plural – inhabitants of the world) have darkness.”

The angel actually told me this in Spanish, which I didn’t find unusual since I was reading the Bible every day in Spanish. He told me that we have darkness (spiritually), because the return of the Lord is very near. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that CERN developed the stranglets, or perhaps already tore the “veil,” on 11/6/13.

Satan’s realm includes areas outside of our dimension, and this is where they are headed, but man is not supposed to breach that conduit.

We aren’t even supposed to touch a Ouija board! You have probably heard of the consequences – The Exorcist

CERN is capable of “quantum tunneling,” meaning they can send signals to other dimensions, moving through quantum barriers, or one quantum state to another. This movement involves time/space broken down to nanoseconds, one billionth of a second (like comparing one second to 31.71 years).

Their scientists plan to use stranglets to literally blow up, with forces greater than nuclear power, the dimensional veil that separates our dimension from say the dimension that some spirits have been bound to, as described in the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Revelation, when John wrote about stinging locusts coming up out of the bottomless pit. An angel, having a “key” to the bottomless pit, had to open the pit with the key; it didn’t open by itself (Revelation 9).

The Word of God also tells us,

“Neither give place to the devil” Ephesians 4:27.

In other words, don’t allow the devil to enter your atmosphere, or open a door to let him into your dwelling place.

There are instances when people literally “open a (spiritual) door” and, unbeknownst to them, invite satan to wreak havoc in their lives. There have been instances when people have used a Ouija board and ended up demon possessed. In fact, the movie, The Exorcist, was based on a true story about a boy who dabbled with a Ouija board. He was given the pseudonym “Roland Doe,” to protect his identity. The boy’s aunt used a Ouija board and acquainted “Roland” with it. The movie portrayed many of the paranormal events that occurred during his demonic possession.

The point here is that some things are spiritually forbidden, but if one crosses over the line to use a Ouija board, tarot cards, crystal balls, Dungeons and Dragons, one can expect demonic experiences. These are “keys” that open spiritual doors in the lives of people, dimensional doors into the spiritual ream, if you will. Someone ought to tell CERN they don’t need stranglets, they just need a Ouija board!


Another photo taken over CERN showing a bright light of energy

Screen shot: YouTube.com

The Word of God tells us,

“The fifth angel sounded (his trumpet) and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit and there arose smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit” Revelation 9:1-2.

Jesus said concerning the last days,

“Great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines, pestilences and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven” Luke 21:11.

“And no marvel, for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” 2 Corinthians 11:14.

In the meantime, astronomers are trying to determine where recent radio pulses picked up from space by the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico are coming from. They are baffled.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.