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Chattanooga Police Department photo


Children and parents complained for months about the erratic driving behavior and attitude of a Chattanooga school bus driver, 24-year-old Johnthony Walker, before he finally slammed the bus into a tree, killing six children on Monday.

Thirty-five children were riding the bus home from school, as Walker began speeding and driving erratically. He crashed into a tree, flipping the bus on its side, and it wrapped around the tree.

Walker has been charged with vehicular homicide in the deaths of the six children. Twenty-three children were injured during the crash, 12 remain hospitalized and six are in intensive care.

Jasmine Mateen, the mother of three students riding the bus, said Walker asked the children before crashing the bus, “Are y’all ready to die?” One of Mateen’s children died in the crash. 

Mateen said she complained repeatedly since August about Walker’s behavior to no avail.

Other parents said they also complained about the bus driver.

Craig Harris, a parent of two children on the bus, said the bus driver drove too fast sometimes.

Children also began complaining about Walker’s reckless driving and behavior as far back as September 2016. One parent complained that Walker cursed her children and slammed on the breaks, causing them to fall out of their seats and hit their heads.

After the accident, school officials repeatedly declined to comment about allegations of complaints, or how they responded to such complaints.

Information regarding the complaints was only released after the Associated Press and other media outlets made public records requests.

The school district’s transportation supervisor said in an email to Durham that the principal of Woodmore Elementary School had to intervene several times when Walker argued with students.

Police said Walker drove off of his route and he was going too fast at the time of the crash.

Hamilton County informed the press that Walker was employed by an outside contractor, Durham School Services.

Sure, pass the buck, Hamilton!

Employed by the school district, or not, I remember the days when one vehicle infraction would bring about the dismissal of a school bus driver. Hamilton had the right to demand Walker’s dismissal, or that he be prohibited from driving school children in their districts.

Walker was involved in an accident involving property damage in September 2016 and his license was suspended in 2014 for failure to show proof of insurance, according to Tennessee State commercial driver records.

The Associated Press reported that Durham School Services has not responded to questions about its safety record, or Walker’s employment history.

From the chopping up of unborn babies by the millions, even the killing of many that are actually being born, to the total disregard of the lives of these children, even after many complaints were made, it is obvious and tragic that babies and children hardly have an ounce of consideration throughout American society today.

Complaint, after complaint, after complaint, yet the danger to the lives of these children was ignored!

The six children who died in this tragic and senseless, but deliberate crash, are gone from their parents and families in this life. One evil jerk, including a slew of dim-witted school and bus company officials, are all responsible!

These precious children are with the Lord: Cordayja Jones, nine; D’Myunn Brown, six; Zyaira Mateen, six; Zoie Nash, nine; Zyanna Harris, ten; and Keyonte Wilson, eight.

The parents and families, if they will receive it, can be with their beloved children again after this brief life is over, if they believe that Jesus died to remove our penalty of sin (which is death), to give us eternal life in exchange:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16.

ChristianToday.com wrote an article last year about a mother who complained to the Cordova School District and Durham School Services about their buses including inverted stars (satanic pentagrams) on the backs of the buses. Durham School Services did not respond, and the Cordova School District in Tennessee declined comment, according to ChristianToday.com.


If Cordova and Durham have nothing to hide, why not at least respond to the complaint?

We are living in the last days, perilous times, friends (2 Timothy 3).

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