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The Thomas wildfire is now said to be the largest fire on record in California history. The fire started on December 4, 2017, covering acreage in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. On Friday, CalFire reported it has burned 273,400 acres, with no sign of letting up.

The Thomas fire has burned more than 1,000 structures, including 750 homes, and two people were killed in this particular fire, among numerous wildfires burning in California.

Strong winds keep the blazes raging in this fire and CalFire reported it is only 60 percent contained at this point.

Wildfires are extremely rare this time of year due to the drop in temperatures, which leads us to question why this, and other wildfires, are raging throughout California into the winter months.

The Word of God tells us that fires are a sign of God’s wrath in the last days:

“You will be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder, earthquake and great noise, with storm, tempest and the flame of devouring fire” Isaiah 29:6.

“The Lord shall cause His glorious voice to be heard and shall show the lightning down His arm, with the indignation of His anger, and with the flame of a devouring fire, with scattering, tempest and hailstones” Isaiah 30:30.

We have also witnessed giant hailstorms in the last several years, like nothing we have ever seen before.

“Our God shall come and shall not keep silence; a fire shall devour before Him and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him” Psalm 50:3.


Screen shot: YouTube.com – California on fire on account of the Luciferian Liberals in that state

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth (Revelation 20:12-15)? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

During the 1520s, many people of the reformed persuasion were beaten, racked, scourged and burnt to death in several parts of France, but moreso in Paris, Malda and Limosin. A native of Malda was burnt by a slow fire for saying that Mass was a plain denial of the death and passion of Christ. At Limosin, John de Cadurco, a clergyman of the reformed religion, was apprehended and ordered to be burnt by the Catholic diocese.

Excerpts taken from Fox’s Book of Martyrs – Zondervan Publishing House (1926)

The Catholic Church has never issued an apology for the crimes committed during the Inquisition and the brutal murders of Protestant Christians who denounced Papal authority, denied Purgatory, the selling of indulgences in sin, worship of idols, prayers to the saints and the Virgin Mary. Neither has any reparation been made to the heirs of the saints who suffered such persecutions from the Catholic Church. Protestants were brutally murdered by Catholics in the way of burning them alive at the stake, flaying alive, hangings, cutting them to pieces, burying them alive, drowning, torturing them on the rack, whereby bones were broken and bodies ripped apart, their flesh torn with hot pincers, etc… The property and assets were seized of those heinously murdered by the Catholic Church from about the Twelfth Century through around the 1820s. The Vatican sits atop the blood of the saints (read Revelation 18 to understand her brutal end for heresies and having committed such crimes).

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