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* I found this article, and many other Pizzagate Updates, in Private view status, but I didn’t privatize them. I am republishing them for Public view again on 9/2/20. If this article disappears again, please know that the publisher (elim20) did not remove it!

** The video has been removed by You Tube, as many other incriminating videos have been removed.


David Seaman is still reporting on PizzaGate and so am I.

No, PizzaGate will not be going away.

The following photos correlate with what David Seaman is saying in his latest video (above) published New Year’s Eve:


Very disturbing find within James Alefantis’s instagram and more disturbing is what he said, “You’re my date for next year”


Please pray/continue praying for the children.

Thank you and God bless you.